Sometimes it feels like all I can feel is anger, that slow buildup of frustration, that nagging annoyance of irritability that arises from ones surroundings that you have no control over. The only control you do have is to what level you can let the anger consume you and build up to. It’s easy to try to tell yourself ‘calm down’ just as easy as it is for others to say ‘calm down’. The problem is: anger is an extremely intense emotion that needs a release, unlike a craving or desire that can be satisfied or substituted. A raging fire cannot be quelled by a flick of hand or bucket of water, it requires strategic extinguishing otherwise it might ignite again or gain momentum and become uncontainable. Anger in its various degrees need to be handled just as strategically. Calming words may not always work if it’s a high intensity anger that’s been building up or raging, hence sometimes a good release is required. That’s where the actual solution to anger comes into play. To each his extremities however in so saying it has to be made sure that the release we choose to let off this anger while maybe our means, may and should not affect someone else in any way possible. So a physical release does not mean, beating up someone , a boxing bag may help instead! 🙂

While we each find our own way to release this anger, it’s important to find a release and not bottle it up or instinctively just squash it. In so doing we not giving our body and mind the balance it needs to deal with all emotions and that’s when we create our stress which finds its way as other health blockages over time.

Next time when ‘calm down’ just doesn’t provide the quick fix you need. Then do what you should do in the first place: release that anger in a way that would satisfy you but not be  harmful to anyone else. That’s what anger management is! Release in a controlled environment and avenue. (Grin). I feel better already.


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