Words Come Too Easy… We constantly read phrases, sayings and quotes of inspiration. Sometimes feeling so inspired we even write our own 🙂 some really good stuff too, might I add, like literary Einstein’s. Sometimes I wonder if that’s all it becomes and is. We get so caught up in ‘fancy’ words that it’s a momentary ‘high’ that can set of an adrenalin rush, propel you into action and a mode that makes you feel like right there and then, you ready to take on the world! We suddenly have a new fresh perspective of life, that was always previously controlled by our inner pessimism and now out of the blue the lights been switched on and we go flying into action! Because we’ve been inspired! 🙂 And then ‘2 sleeps’ later that ‘inspirational quote’ is still there, we still read it, but it’s as if its lost its initial impact and slowly you feel that deflated balloon syndrome kicking in, until we find another inspiration. When did we become a generation that needed so much of inspiration, motivation and consoling? You walk into a bookstore, it’s as if there’s more ‘word adrenaline junkies’ motivating than good fiction novels which use to be the norm or hype before. The inspirational ‘gurus’ who promise to have you up and running, all geared emotionally, mentally and physically in 25 ‘simple ways’ seem to have overtaken the ‘super heroes’ of our time. (grin) Even superman and spider man have to be inspired out of their rut these days. Our display profiles on any social network constantly spills out motivations, pages upon pages when you visit your friend’s platforms or feeds are oozing with inspiration, and at times it becomes wearisome to read. Let’s be honest, it may look good with colourful pictographic but man, it’s so booooring to read! It’s like overdosing on candy! After the initial rush you feel just ‘pukey’! :p Why do we need so much of ‘words’ to propel us into action?! Have we become that pessimistic, depressed or lost? As kids growing up, action and the want to live and try out new things propelled us. Most of us couldn’t sit still; we wanted to jump from trees, mounts and even roof tops. And if you couldn’t drive a car, so what?! It didn’t stop us from sitting behind the steering as young as 4 and 5, turning the steering and mimicking the sounds! The very famous ‘when I grow up I want to…’ either be a doctor, lawyer, artist, mechanic, policemen, even president or for some being queen was attainable and on the list too. 🙂 I had a kid sister who wanted to be a doctor when she was 5. This meant her walking around checking your temperature, tonsils (and you had to always open the mouths really wide till you almost gagged!)  And constantly poking you with whatever was an injection substitute! (Thank God that phase lasted for 6 months or so! Then it was the artist phase, which didn’t impress mom or the house walls very much LOL) the point being:  We didn’t bother with words to inspire us, we were brave, inventive and an inspiration on our own! We didn’t hold back. So now we not only rely on drug merchants making us high with the next fix but Inspirational Gurus, preventing us from crying with their Verbal Hits! So we end up spending copious amounts emptying our pockets directly into their bank accounts. Even commercial companies are forking out big bucks to motivate and inspire, alas hoping it would make a more contented mind, happier job place and more productivity! What they should do instead is take their workers on mini excursions to kindergarten schools, have ‘take your mom and dad to school’ day’s and children’s classes for adults! Sounds crazy? Well so is cluttering our life and mind with words to propel and needing constant motivation! We have become over emotional, disillusioned, clingy, dispirited and narcissistic adults. And we think our kids need attention! We rely so heavily on someone saying something, even just one thing that will make us feel 10 folds better yet it takes a small expression to have the negative impact to break us down completely! We need to go back to our childhood and see where we lost our ‘ vibe ‘ our zest for life and being the strong, optimistic, free spirited, versatile children most of us use to be! So that we able to stand on our own, function better and strengthen ourselves so that we move away from the wimps we’ve become. Such that: we don’t have to rely on others to inspire and motivate us, we don’t need professional counseling for everyday issues and we able to deal and handle our life in a better way on our own. No, am not saying you won’t have those days where you will feel down and need a bit of ‘inspiration’ but it shouldn’t be an everyday thing! You can’t only be mentally charged and physically slouched. Most often actions speak louder than words! 🙂 If you want to know who you are, and what you have become, ask a child what they ‘see’ you as, and through their eyes you’ll see the real you. We need to not leave a legacy of just feeling, relying and inspiring but one of positive re enforcement, of putting actions to words so we live our dreams and not dream our lives.



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