So here I am, after years of telling myself I need to ‘put pen to paper’ so to speak, I finally decided, my minds getting too cluttered with all my thoughts and ideals and perhaps I need to vent or just share. Whatever the need may be, it gives me a space or medium to ‘unpack’ and give myself clarity. Especially at times when even though its clearly defined colours, the lines can become blurred, making the big picture a bit hazy. Not all of us can live life so clearly defined, even though we’d like to, at times even try to, but different mind-sets, ideals, lifestyles and emotions make it difficult to maintain the norm. So when you read my writes, and it does not conform to your ideals or values, it’s because it’s just my spin and thoughts! We all have our take and spin on things, and that’s what its all about. That’s what life is all about. It is after all Just Perspectives 🙂 enjoy and feel free to engage, I enjoy a good ‘engagement’


p.s 🙂 I seem to be having a little techno probs adjusting to this site and posting my stuff, so please bear with me and my ‘dizzy’ phase! A little bit of a literary hiccup and hangover :p


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With days full of haze, clear skies keep me grounded!